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100 Key Questions for Coaches
with Steve Payne
Have these GREAT QUESTIONS at your finger tips to:

1.  Know what to say and when to say it

2.  Always move your client forward

3. Produce GREAT results

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‘You judge the quality of a question not by its complexity, but rather by the complexity of the thought process it produces’

This quote from Joseph O’Connor is one of the most useful reminders to me as a coach. Keep it simple!

If you are looking for a simple and comprehensive guide to asking great questions, then look no further:


  • 100 Questions and explanations as to their intention
  • Links to join our private Coach Corner Facebook Group
  • Easy to access: The questions are arranged to fit the structure of the G.R.O.W. model

The 100 Key Coaching questions is fast becoming my mini coaching bible! It enables me to have powerful questions, on hand, that will give the client a truely transformation session. Whether you are a new coach or an experienced one, having this booklet on hand will give you the edge that your client deserves

Steven Haggerty


One of my biggest desires in the early days was to have one succinct document which contained key coaching questions so I would know what to ask and when. Roll forward to today and I am now in possession of this document. What a formidable resource for any coach whether you are experienced or new to the industry. This document is exactly what I always wanted

Nik Moore

Coach, Nik Moore Coaching


“Don’t just fit in, STAND OUT!”

Steve is an international executive coach, actor, keynote speaker, published author (nominated for Best Personal Development Author by the Best You Magazine, 2017), and CEO of the Academy of Coaching and Training.

Steve helps others excel through communication skills, personal impact and public speaking. He believes mastering communication, in all its facets, is a major key to personal and professional success. 

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